615 RGS-HVB Vacuum Booster - Dresser ROOTS™

hgs hvb vacuum booster
615 RGS-HVB Vacuum Booster

The ROOTS™ RGS high vacuum boosters covered in this manual are intended especially for use in the first stage of a vacuum pumping system, in combination with a suitable fore-pump or roughing pump, to produce vacuum conditions in the micron range. It is not suitable for duty as a normal pressure blower.

Principle design features of the basic ROOTS™ rotary lobe blower are used in the booster. Two impellers are mounted on parallel shafts, and rotate in opposite directions within a cylinder closed at the ends by head plates. The impellers are positioned one above the other, while the cylinder has inlet and discharge piping connections located on opposite vertical sides.

  • The basic high vacuum booster is constructed with a close-grained grey iron cylinder, alloy steel timing gears, ductile iron impellers and anti- friction bearings
  • RGS High Vacuum Boosters have four pressure lubricated single-face seals, one at each shaft, between the bearing and pumping compartment
  • Gears and bearings are under atmospheric pressure
  • A shaft driven oil pump supplies clean, cool lubricating oil to gears,bearings and seals
  • Frame Sizes: 615