Tuthill Positive Displacement Blowers - We repair and sell the following Tuthill pd blowers:
Tuthill Competitor® Plus™ Air Blowers
Tuthill COMPETITOR PLUS rotary blowers are designed to be interchangeable with equivalent sizes of competitive models.,
Tuthill PD Plus® Air Blowers
Tuthill PD PLUS air blowers are heavy duty industrial blowers are designed for high performance applications,
AcousticAir™ 5600 Series Air Blower
AcousticAir air blowers are low-noise and designed for pressure or vacuum applications.  They are engineered with built-in silencing chambers to reduce overall noise energy up to 20 dba, or over 90%..
Equalizer® Blowers
Designed to be interchangeable with equivalent models from competing manufacturers, EQUALIZER DF rotary blowers offer many distinct advantages such as higher pressure capability.

Qx Blowers
Qx™ Blowers are the next generation of blowers from Tuthill. Qx is our high performance, energy efficient blower line that reduces noise while providing long operating life at maximum operating conditions.