Whispair Max® Positive Displacement Blowers - Dresser ROOTS™ - Obsolete Series

Whispair Max®
The Whispair Max Rotary positive blower has a proprietary design that reduces noise and power loss by utilizing an exclusive wrap-around flange and jet to control pressure equalization eliminating rapid backflow of air into the blower from the discharge area.
The basic model consists of a grey iron casing and headplates, two ductile iron involute contoured impellers, taper mounted alloy steel timing gears and ball bearings. The unit is oil lubricated at the gear end and grease lubricated at the drive end. It has lip oil seals, NPT thread connections, standard shaft sizes and detachable feet. After standard tests, the unit is painted, corrosion protection added, and it is placed on skids or boxed for shipment. Instruction manuals are provided. Available accessories include: a baseplate for the blower and driver, v-belt drive with guard, coupling drive with guard, flexible hose couplings, driver, relief valves, check valves, inlet filter, and silencers.
Frame Sizes:
  1701,1702, 1702J, 1704, 1704J, 1707, 1707J, 2504J, 2506J, 2510J, 3505J, 3509J, 3514J <<Click for Specifications
Frame cfr Max RPM Max Flow cfm MaxDP Max Vac"Hg MaxDT Conn Shaft Size
3509J 0.157 3500 500 6 12 135 5" 1.125
  Roots Whispair Max 3509J Pressure Performance Curve
  Roots Whispair Max 3509J Vacuum Performance Curve
  3509J Series Whispair Max White sheet
3509J Whispair Max Installation & Operation Manual

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