Cyclo® Positive Displacement Blowers - Gardner Denver™

Clean Air/Gas Delivery – Since the rotors do not touch each other or the housing, lubrication is not required within the compression chamber. The outboard position of rotor bearings allows atmospheric venting between the compression chamber and the bearings and gears. This prevents gear and bearing lubricants from contaminating the compression chamber and the air or gas.
Efficient, Shock-Free Compression – The screw-type, cycloidal rotors generate a balanced compression cycle, providing a smooth and steady discharge, eliminating the sudden release of trapped pockets of air into the line. Contoured inlet and discharge ports minimize turbulence. High Capacity-Low Weight – Compact design, selection of optimum performance parts and materials and accurately maintained tolerances allow the CycloBlower XP to be operated at high speeds, increasing capacity for relatively
low unit weight. Direct or step-up drive permits the use of less expensive standard motors.
  • Flow Rates: 75 to 6700 cfm
  • Pressures: Pressures to 20 psig
  • Dry vacuum to 17 "Hg
Frame Sizes:
5CDL5, 5CDL9, 5CDL13, 7CDL11, 7CDL11, 7CDL14, 7CDL17, 9CDL13, 9CDL18, 9CDL23, 9CDL18, 9CDL23, 11CDL23, 11CDL27, 11CDL31